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Some members of the Burnside State High School community suffer severe allergies to aerosol sprays or perfumes that can act as a trigger to an (often) serious asthma attack, or bring on a severe migraine. The allergy can be sufficiently serious to put one of our students into anaphylactic shock if an aerosol or perfume has been sprayed anywhere in the student's vicinity. This can be a life threatening situation, resulting in the student’s airways closing and the student having to be transported to hospital in an ambulance.
• Aerosols are banned from school premises, excursions, sporting events and all events where students are in confined spaces.
To provide the safest environment, students are banned from bringing aerosol sprays and perfume pump-packs to Burnside State High School. This includes for any excursions, camps or other onsite or offsite activities. Risk management strategies will be in place for any aerosol sprays used as part of the curriculum and school business.
Aerosol sprays or perfume pump-packs brought to school by students will be confiscated and disposed of. Breaches of this policy will result in disciplinary action. Remember: No student is to use or bring aerosol deodorants or sprays to school. Roll-on and stick deodorants are permitted at school. Thank you for considering the health and safety of others.