Years 7, 8 and 9

The following Key Learning Areas are mandatory in the junior years of learning. 

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities 
  • Health and physical education 

Students also study the Key Learning Areas of  

  • Technology
  • The arts
  • Language other than English (LOTE) 

Year 7 Curriculum Guide

Year 8 Curriculum Guide

Year 9 Curriculum Guide

Year 10

Foundation for senior is an introduction to senior studies that enables students to commence year 11 with the knowledge that they have had some experience in the subject and have an awareness of the demands and expectations of that particular subject.  

The foundation subjects mostly cover outcomes from two senior subjects. This enables students to experience a broad range of subjects in year 10 and hence make more informed subject choices for the commencement of year 11. The units are broken into semester blocks which enables students to change a unit at the end of semester 1 if they find they are not suited to that subject.

Students will study six subjects, three of which are from the mandatory areas and three from the electives listed. Students are able do more than one of the sciences if they wish.

Year 10 Curriculum Guide 

Years 11 and 12 

Subject choices are an extension of the Foundation subjects offered in year 10 where students experience the subjects they are interested in. Our school offers a wide range of subjects to cover a diverse range of student interests. Our subject range, combined with excellent teachers, facilities and resources and a wide range of learning experiences, provides ample opportunity for every student to experience success and to develop multiple pathways to the future.

The range of subjects and pathways available allows students to select:

  • Academic subjects that prepare for university entrance, school based distance education or virtual schooling.
  • Vocational subjects that prepare you for direct entry to the workforce or for further education and training at a TAFE college.
  • A combination of both.
  • A school-based traineeship/apprenticeship to complement any of the pathways above. 

In year 10 our students are exposed to an extensive program to ensure that they choose subjects which may lead them into the possible careers that they interested in. They will develop a student education and training plan which will map out their educational plan for the following years. This will ensure students are eligible for a Queensland Certificate of Education statement and are eligible for entry to University. A wide variety of school-based traineeships and apprenticeships are available also. Students do not attend school on Thursdays so that they may pursue their traineeships or use the time for study and doing assignments.

In years 11 and 12 students must undertake one English (English or English communication) and one mathematics (Mathematics A or B or Prevocational Maths) subject.

Senior Curriculum Guide

Last reviewed 20 May 2020
Last updated 20 May 2020