Horizons excellence program


The Horizons Excellence Program is a locally based Burnside State High School initiative whereby students who are accepted into the program experience deeper learning in the key curriculum area of Technology.

Successful applicants will have one-to-one access to a state-of-the-art laptop to use as a daily learning tool in the classroom and at home.

Horizons students study the National Curriculum as prescribed for Junior Secondary students (Years 7-9) however the learning/teaching style is immersed in an intensive digital learning environment.

Students will learn traditional subjects whilst developing important skills such as problem solving, lateral thinking, creativity, ethics, flexibility and independent learning.

This program will prepare students for the ever-changing world of the twenty-first century and has the potential to inspire learning and deliver curriculum extension opportunities for participants.

The Horizons Excellence Program is recommended for students who enjoy working with computers, who feel that the use of a one-to-one laptop will suit their learning style, or believe that the use of a one-to-one laptop will increase their chances of learning success.

Students are not expected to come to the program with a high level of technology skills, but more with a passion for learning and a track record of sound academic results and high levels of engagement in the classroom.

All Year 7 students will study the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Humanities, Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Physical Education.

​In addition to this, students will study all electives in a rotation model across the year:


The Arts:              Drama, Visual Art

Technology:         Home Economics, Technology and Design, Business Education, Digital Technologies

LOTE:                    Indonesian, Japanese

Sport:                   Pursuit of Excellence: Volleyball


Students in the Horizons Excellence Program will also have the additional opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of Information and Computing Technologies (ICT) in Digital Technologies to equip them for additional ICT study in later years, should they wish to pursue this study path further.


Year 7 Digital Technologies

Horizons students will experience in-depth immersion in Robotics and Drones.


Year 8 and 9 Digital Technologies

Further opportunities in ICT may include: Arduino, Webpage Design, Game Maker (block/text coding), Animation, Simulation and Scenario Testing, Gaming Industry Theory (design and making) and Robotics (data collection, processing and wearable technologies).


Some students may wish to participate in the Horizons Excellence Program in Junior Secondary as digital technologies are their preferred learning style.


Not all students who participate in the Horizons Excellence Program are expected to pursue further studies in Digital Technologies.



The laptop fee will be approximately $1,800.00, with further details on a payment plan to be advised.


This laptop is expected to be used by students whilst in the Horizons Excellence Program and also in the Senior phase of their schooling.


Students must have access to home internet.


As this is an excellence program, students should be achieving a satisfactory academic result at year level and be demonstrating good behaviour and effort across all subjects.


How to apply

Complete the application form here by 3:30pm Monday 29 August 2022.


Interview process

  • Applications close 29 August 2022
  • You will receive information by email, requesting you to make an appointment
  • Interviews will be held in the first four weeks of Term 4


Places are limited and offers will be made based on applicant suitability.



A scholarship is offered each year to one Year 7 student in the Horizons Excellence Program.  To apply for a scholarship complete the application form here.​

Last reviewed 25 May 2022
Last updated 25 May 2022