Pursuit of Excellence Studies: Volleyball


Students in the Volleyball course complete the full range of subjects offered at Burnside State High School. Through involvement in the Pursuit of Excellence Studies: Volleyball program, students will develop a strong set of values such as: self-discipline, leadership, responsibility, confidence, commitment and the ability to work as a team member towards common goals. High expectations of each individual in these areas is the foundation of the Pursuit of Excellence Studies: Volleyball program.


The academic performances of students in the Volleyball course are consistently higher than the general student population due to the support, expectations and encouragement of students by the staff and peers involved in the course.



Volleyball has been a major sport at Burnside State High School for over 20 years, during which time it has been an extra-curricular activity.


The creation of Pursuit of Excellence Studies: Volleyball in 2003 has brought volleyball into the mainstream curriculum, giving students an opportunity to pursue Sporting Excellence within a school environment. During this time Burnside has won State and National Gold Medals, and has produced many Regional, State and National players.


Course Content

Introduction to Volleyball                  Sports Injuries                             Volleyball Skills 1

Sports Psychology                           Volleyball Skills 2                        Team Tactics 1

Fitness for Volleyball 1                     Team Tactics 2                           Fitness for Volleyball 2

Beach Volleyball                               Level 1 Referees Course           Team Training 1 & 2

Level 1 Coaching Course                Game Management



The school itself has an excellent academic record and has had for many years. Pursuit of Excellence Studies: Volleyball is a full subject in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Our current Senior Physical Education Course includes Volleyball for a full semester and students who have played for the school often achieve very highly in Senior Physical Education. It is expected that athletes will generally improve their academic performance as a result of their involvement in the volleyball course. All students must gain a “B" average to continue in the course the following year. Parents would expect to see an improvement in personal organisation skills, time management, punctuality and personal responsibilities.


Physical Fitness

Students involved in the course of study will be expected to gain and then maintain an acceptable level of fitness. For some students this will involve extra work at home. The level expected is very reasonable.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for the best athletes available. We want players who are prepared to work hard in a professional and challenging environment where team skills, personal responsibility and the willingness to accept challenges are paramount.


Selection Trials

For Year 7 students, trials will occur in Term 2. Applicants must attend the Selection Trial Day. On the trial day each applicant must be ready to perform physical activity and, if possible, bring a photocopy of a reference from a sports coach/teacher. To participate in the selection trials complete the application for here.


How to Apply for a Volleyball Scholarship

Year 6 students can complete the scholarship application here by Friday 12 August 2022.  Applicants will be required to attend a trial day conducted in Term 3.

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